A Commemorative Mass was presented in the Uzhok Pass on 15 September (feast day: Our Lady of Sorrows). Near the world war memorial (on the border of Lviv and Transcarpathia oblasts), the priests and the believers from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Mukachevo commemorated about those Hungarian, Austrian and Russian soldiers who died here 100 years ago. They are buried in a common grave and the priests and believers pray for their spiritual salvation. The main celebrant of the Commemorative Mass was bishop Antal Majnek and its Holy Mass was organized for his initiative.

In his speech, Antal Majnek said: in this place he has already been held a holy mass a few years ago. It was not designed in advance but it was the God’s will. During the mass everybody felt individually that they were in a special place and very important to pray for the salvation of these souls. This is why it has become the place to this Commemorative Mass.

Now, on this mass we pray not only the dead people’s salvation, but we also come together in prayer – and we need to do it in every church and home constantly– to pray for peace in Ukraine – the bishop warned us in his preaching. Do you remember, in the biblical parable the rich man want to come back from the afterlife, to warn his brothers of the dangers of hell. Probable, even sure that the souls who are buried here, many of whom may suffer in the purgatory; sending a message for their brothers who want to a war, to stop the fight and to conclude peace with the enemies.

Then bishop Antal Majnek passed the word to Peter Zsarkovsyky and to Josef Trunk priests, that Ukrainian and German words also can be heard in this place. The holy mass was presented in Hungarian and Ukrainian languages, and both nationalities were here, priests and believers also. Then there was a prayer for the dead souls, in both languages. We prayed – like we do it every day in our diocese – to end the fighting and peace comes at the eastern part of the country. Finally the attendees put up the commemoration wreath on the memorial.