The summer camp for altar boys in Okruhla started on July 19. More than 30 altar boys and animators were camping together from all over the Diocese of Munkács. Among the campers were little ones (eight-year-olds) who had just started their service at the altar as well as 18-year-olds who had been serving for several years.

The participants were instructed how to serve at the altar, which was followed by a demonstration of altar service, and then the campers got the opportunity to practice it themselves. Learning was followed by a test on the acquired knowledge. There was a mass each day for the campers where they could serve at the altar.

Apart from learning the know-how of altar service, the 33 participants did hiking, playing games, singing, and praying together. They enjoyed each other’s company and returned back home to their parishes with lots of heartening memories and plenty of useful knowledge on altar service. Special thanks to my fellow organizers András Pliszka, Tamás Kulcsár and Janeknek Hindrjuk for assisting this program.