On 29 October 2010, Bishop Antal Majnek blessed a cross standing on the spot of the church yet to be built in Barakktelep, Mukachevo. P. István Pogány, parish priest of Mukachevo who has been serving in Barakktelep as well for several years now also attended the ceremony along with P. Antal Michels parish priest of Mukachevo-Palanok and many faithful from the neighborhood.

As the Bishop explained it to the faithful, he has been promoting the construction of a church in this poor area for at least ten years now. So far the building site has been purchased and the construction started. It only means putting fence around the site though as there is still no funding to build the church just yet.

We hope in God’s help in the first place, he said. We also hope that the state is going to support our plan, and that donations coming from our faithful as well as supporters from other countries will allow us to at least lay the foundations in spring 2011. Later on, we would be happy to have a religious order settled nearby the church taking care of the poor in the area. A short prayer followed the blessing of the cross, and then the bishop blessed the faithful attending the ceremony as well as all the inhabitants of the neighborhood.