A Roma meeting was held in our Diocese. This program was proposed by the Roma people in Beregújfalú. Istvan Kamaras a Hungarian intellectual of Gypsy,-who came with his wife – gave a presentation on the history of Gypsies and their appearance in the Carpathian Basin. The program was organized in the square near the church (this church was consecrated for two years ago).

Then was a holy mass which was presented by bishop Antal Majnek together with the priests. The following priest were present: János Molnár – parish priest of Bereghovo , Antal Michels who came from Budapest, he was a parish priest of Bereghovo before János Molnár, Miron Petenko – governer of the parish in Shislovtsi, Sandor Kocaver – governer of the parish in Mukachevo – Palanok and Domonkos Meszaros, who served in the Uzhgorod district, he came from Sopron . Domonkos Meszaros preached in the holy mass, he talked about the persecution of Christians in relation to how we can live in this world as a Christian.

The Holy Mass was followed by lunch; the hosts cooked a delicious goulash. Finally, the meeting ended with common music and dance.