On the Day of Child Protection, 1 June, two events were organized in Mukachevo for the second time: a day of prayer for unborn babies and the March for Life to the gynecology clinic where abortions are done. With this event, we would like to speak out for the protection of unborn babies who have been created by God but did not get the right to live.

People in our town are sensitive to the sorrowful issue of abortion. Representatives of other Christian communities also joined the cause and together we established an ecumenical group that consists of faithful from the Roman and Greek Catholic as well as the Ukrainian and Russian Othodox Churches. It was great to see Mayor Z. Lengyel and the leadership of our town join these events thus expressing their own opinion regarding abortion.
The state proposed that a sculpture is placed in the yard of the clinic to promote the protection of God-given life. Bishops and pastors of the Churches, who took part in the March for Life, blessed the stone that marks the spot where the sculpture is going to be erected. We handed over a petition to the doctors at the clinic requesting the discontinuation of abortion; we also proposed that church representatives are given the opportunity to inform women before they undergo abortion.
We would like to thank everyone who joined the event or supported the cause with their prayers.

~the Organizers