The consecutive international meeting for altar servers was held on 3-4 August 2010 in Rome. 40 participants from Subcarpathia – Roman and Greek Catholics – attended the event.

The pilgrims left on July 31st from Uzhgorod via Hungary and Slovenia. They made a stop in Venice to do some sightseeing and attended a mass celebrated by Father Sándor Mankovics and Roland Põsze in St. Mark’s Basilica.

The group arrived in Rome in the morning of August 2nd. They went to see the Coliseum, the Lateran Basilica, the Scala Santa (Holy Satirs), the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, the Spanish Steps, as well as the Trevi Fountain. The following day the pilgrims went to St. Peter’s Square, visited the Basilica and attended the programs of the international meeting. It was a lot of fun. There were some 50000 altar servers participating in the event.

The Subcarpathian group paid a visit to the Basilica of St. Paul and also went to the beach to swim in the sea; they saw the Pantheon and the Il Gesu Church. They left from Rome on August 5th and visited the sights of Vienna on the way home.

From the Report of Gergely Tóth a Koncovo altar boy

“We sang and prayed together with altar servers from a number of countries. The differences in languages did not prevent us from talking to the Lord. The fact that we all serve at the altar united us. It was a wonderful day, one of a kind.”

“Our seats were some 15 meters away from the Pope. I am convinced that it was a grace from the Almighty, His gift to the representatives of Subcarpathia.”

“This is what he told us Hungarians: “Dear Hungarian altar servers! Welcome! May you get closer to Christ while serving at the altar. May you find your vocation in life. St. Tarsitius, patron saint of altar servers, pray for us. I impart to you my apostolic blessing. Praise be to Jesus Christ.” We joyfully shouted the response: “Forever amen!” I shivered. It was a terrific feeling; the culmination of the day and of the entire pilgrimage.”

“I am certain that these seven days have been the most significant experience in my life so far. The feeling that I belong to a community which counts several million altar servers separated only by the borders of countries is wonderful and indescribable; it is beyond words. I am hopeful that the “living water” from which we drank there will accompany me in my everyday life and give me strength to it. May more and more young people follow our example and join the service of the Lord. I am determined to continue my service at the altar for another 4-5 years because I believe that the same MIRACLE will happen to another several thousand altar serves in Rome in a few years.”