Roma faithful from Hungary and Transcarpathia met at the episcopate in Mukachevo on 18 February. Participants in the meeting included Bishop Antal Majnek and invited guests from Hungary, Dr. János Székely, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Esztergom-Budapest, and Rev. Géza Dúl, one of the leaders of Roma evangelization in Hungary.
Among the guests attending the meeting were Roma and non-Roma members of the Cefero House, a community established by Father Dúl in Gyömrő.

The faithful attended a lecture given by Bishop Dr. János Székely and Rev. Géza Dúl. A small group discussion followed with sharing of positive and negative experiences alike.

The next day, 19 February, leaders and supporters of Roma evangelization in Transcarpathia met with the Hungarian guests. In his speech, Bishop János Székely talked about the history of the Roma people, past and present as well, and he said that the church has a mission to reach out to everyone, especially to the poorest and the most oppressed. The church has to express its love and care for these people.

Father Géza Dúl discussed the practical aspects of his evangelization work among the Roma people. He provided the audience with ideas, shared his relevant experience, as well as his faith put in practice. Finally, leaders and activists working in Roma evangelization in Transcarpathia briefed the guests on their work with local Roma community.