Father Béla Bohán SJ, parish priest of Bereghovo, celebrated his golden jubilee mass in the church of Bereghovo on August 1st. Bishop Antal Majnek and some of the Hungarian priests from the Diocese attended the celebration of the 50th anniversary. Father Béla came to Subcarpathia to serve as a missionary in 1989 from the Archdiocese of Eger in Hungary. He first served in Rakhiv and its vicinity, where he spent nearly one and a half years before assigned to be a parish priest in Uzhgorod where he stayed for ten years. Since 2001 he has been serving as the parish priest of Bereghovo.

In his homily, Father Béla shared his memories on how he arrived to our region, what the situation here was at the time, and how warm a welcome he received from the faithful. He explained how his coming to Subcarpathia was supported by prayer and also how God directed his priestly service through people and circumstances. Father Béla gave his blessings to the Bishop, the priests as well as the faithful attending the golden jubilee mass. The celebration was concluded with